Bed types: how to choose the ideal one for you

There are multiple models, materials, and sizes. Each stage of life has different needs keys to choose well and sleep better every day.

Most of us do not stop to think about what types of bed exist. We get used to what we have or always buy the same model without diving too much in functionality or comfort. But the options are many, both in designs and materials and sizes, and we can peek into a wide range of possibilities when renewing the bed we sleep in.

The first thing to differentiate is two issues that, although they are linked, it is convenient to think separately: functionality and aesthetics. We have to think of a piece of furniture that fits both our sleeping needs and the possibilities of space and the design of the room in which you are going to place them.

Know the options available in the market and choose the best one for you.

What are the types of beds?

The panorama is so vast that there are several classifications to understand the whole scenario. The size, format or material can make a huge difference.

According to its size

Bigger, smaller, of a square, square and a half, two, and more. What you should know about bed sizes :

  • From a place: although there may be minimal differences in size, it is for a person to sleep. In recent years, a square and a half are also sold.
  • Matrimonial: it has two seats and is designed for two comfortable people to enter. It is the most common type (you may be interested: Colors for double bedrooms: all options ).
  • Queen size: they are a little bigger than the matrimonial ones but smaller than the famous king size. Its length ranges between 1.90 and 2 meters, while its width ranges from 1.75 cm to 1.80 cm.
  • King size: they are the largest in the market. They measure two × 2 meters, and it is key to think it through and measure the space before choosing it. Sometimes even getting sheets is a complication.


The material with which it is made becomes important for two reasons: durability and design.

  • Wooden: there are many models available in this material, with weights and resistance varied. Those made of solid wood last longer but tend to be more expensive. It is a warm and versatile material to adjust to the Decoration of our room.
  • Iron or metal: after wood, the most widespread option is iron. They are usually heavy and expensive furniture. Today, many designers replace the material with aluminum or steel that, while not providing the same robustness, have good aesthetic results.
  • Wicker or rattan: these are materials that have become very fashionable for headboards. Although the structure is usually made of other stuff, these backs are firm, cheerful, and provide natural air to the bedroom. The same goes for headboards made of cloth or burlap.

Bed models according to your design

When choosing a piece of furniture, it is important to consider its design so that it integrates well with the style of the home. A model for a Nordic decoration is not the same as shabby chic or minimalist.

  • Traditional: they are those that have a panel shape and are made of wood. They have a head and support for parallel feet connected by the piece that serves as the basis for the mattress.
  • Industrial: they work simply as a mattress support. They are great for those looking for a feeling of simplicity, breadth, and freshness. It has no headboard. It combines very well with modern and minimalist designs. It is also called a lounge chair.
  • Murphy: if we have a space problem, we can get a model called murphy. It looks like a piece of furniture with shelves and drawers but hides in the center of a folding bed. It is handy for guest rooms or playrooms.
  • Youth nest beds: they are a perfect choice for children’s rooms. They keep a second bed underneath and are super functional to receive visitors. You can see the Decoration of children’s rooms: magic for little ones.
  • Bed with drawers: they are very fashionable for small spaces. They have different types of drawers underneath, or the lid where the mattress rests is opened — ideal for storing toys, clothes, or organizing shoes.
  • Marinera or cachet: it is a model of a square that has one on top of the other. It allows two places (or three, if we add a cart) to sleep, gaining space in height. It is widely used in children’s rooms or in areas where space is reduced.

Tips for choosing from bed

Once we know the different models, we have to make a decision. Some tips:

  • Price: it is a piece of furniture that lasts many years and, at the same time, it is the place where we spend many hours every day. The recommendation is not to save on your choice. The same goes for the mattress and the pillow.
  • Mattress: sometimes, the problem is not the structure but the mattress. Ideally, change it every 8, 10 years to avoid back pain and get firmer support. You can read Best mattress brands: what they are and how to choose.
  • Old base: other times, the problem is at the base. If it is old or in poor condition, we can damage the mattress and general discomfort.
  • Uniform base: it is important that the base or the couch is uniform and firm. It is best to opt for rigid or semi-rigid sheets, with free spaces that allow good circulation.
  • Size: the ideal length should be between 10 and 20 centimeters more significant than that of the person who is going to use it — the thickness of at least 15 cm.
  • Space: it is essential to measure the space we have available. We are tempted by the Queen or King size, but we must circulate, open closet doors, and others. If it bothers you, it doesn’t work.
  • Functionalities: if our place is reduced, it is perhaps significant that we look at models with a double feature. For example, with drawers or sailor with desk underneath for the children’s room.

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