10 keys to choose the perfect bed

It is said that about one-third of our lives are devoted to sleep. For the remaining two thirds to work, we need our rest to be complete. That’s why we have to put a lot of love and attention to every element of the bedroom. The sanctuary of rest and the energy to have a good bed are of great concern to our bodies. Today we are going home about the important factors to choose a good mattress, good structure and a nice set of sheets.

Where do I put my dreams?

Ideally, there should be enough space on each side to circulate freely, to place a bedside table or rug. It is necessary that on the sides, there is natural airflow. First, observe the space you have and don’t put in a small room a giant structure bed or an exorbitant size headboard. Choose something light and structured, so you don’t take up more space than necessary.

Choose bed

Buying a good bed is usually a great investment, but in the long run, we will notice during quality sleep hours and in the rest of us that it’s a good buy. Put the embarrassments aside and lie in the store in bed for a while, though many people don’t dare to try it and see if it suits your needs, body, and preferences. Your new bed will last for years, choose it well.

Types of mattresses

The bed is our home for rest and privacy, where we absorb energy for the rest of the day. A bad choice can give us problems and stress back in the long run. The first step is paying attention to making it a good mattress for our spine. In the market, we find three main options: soft, hard, or very hard. For your choice, we have to consider a few things. The first is that we should not only look at tastes but also about their function. A bed that is too soft is just as bad for the back as a very hard one. The softness does not strongly support the body and causes constant movement during sleep, and stiffness can cause stiffness.

Looking for the best pillow

And look for the most comfortable materials … There are a lot of options on the market, but synthetic, feather or sponge pillow is recommended.. Or if we look for something more modern, have buckwheat husks, poly clusters, or latex. One of the best suggestions is goose feather because it has a lot of filler, but it adapts perfectly to your preferences, higher or flatter.

Search your two in one

Next to the bed comes the box spring. It is recommended that both be of the same brand, as they are usually associated and there is an integration of qualities and construction between them. There are headers that are also integrated. Be attentive to this piece as it will determine many aspects of subsequent decoration. This one in the photo is by  Dulce Albarracín. With a classic and elegant appearance, with the combination of light gray tones. We love it because it can be perfectly combined with different styles. I see it with an industrialist, a rustic, a classic, a romantic… and endless more.

Going deeper into the beds

In addition to the 20 cm advice, there are standard measures that we all know. We do a brief review. Well, the single beds that are 90-100 cm wide, the twin beds that are single beds but a little wider, are approximately 110 cm wide and 200 cm long. The double beds, which we found 135 cm, 150 cm, which would be the well-known Queen bed. The 180 bed and the King bed that is 200 by 200 cm. There is a wide range for those who seek to sleep tightly and those who like to sleep soundly. The one that best fits the small bedrooms is the Queen type, which allows a natural movement for two people.

What size do I choose?

And which size do I choose? Choosing a suitable bed size helps you have a more comfortable sleep. No one wants to buy a bed that is just their height or too small. For that, to choose a suitable bed, we add at least 20 cm. And that would be the perfect measure. Always from a standard measure, of course. The size of the extra bed depends on how many people are in that bed. If you are both adults and you need your space, place bets on two mattresses together. If you have a third person or a child, you can choose a bigger bed or a small bed for the third person. Everyone enjoy their sleeping space. It was the whole night beating next to each other so very uncomfortable. Choosing a suitable bed is essential because you do not know how long you will use that bed and maybe a lifetime.


Like the mattress, the pillow will determine that you can rest properly at night and have energy during the day. It is important to spend time acquiring a pillow that suits our neck and our sleeping posture. The most fundamental thing is that the entire column is fully supported, and the vertebrae are kept well-off. Cervical pillows would be ideal because they look for the exact anatomical shape.

Guiding us through Feng Shui

Isi’s house The best way to distribute a bedroom is to make it square. Starting here. As it is often not possible, we will consider the following points so that the Feng Shui in our bedroom is positive. The most important point: try to make the head of the bed the wall that is furthest from the door. At the same time, it shouldn’t lie on a straight line with doors or bathroom doors. Preferably, this same wall does not have windows or mirrors because the backrest symbolizes the safety of life, and the mirrors weaken this force. To find another place for decoration on our heads! There is the option of knowing what your most favorable cardinal point is, let yourself know and try to direct the head of your bed towards that point.

Dressing the bed

How did you dress a bed correctly? Well, for this, there are no rules, gentlemen. Many of the options are mere cultural customs, for example, the use of the countertop sheet. Increasingly only the bottom sheet and a comforter are used on top. As for comfort, it is better because you do not lose the countertop sheet between your legs, and you only have to worry about changing the duvet cover when you think it is convenient. As for the materials for the sheets of any type are undoubtedly cotton and linen.

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