The best pillow for shoulder pain of 2021- Comparison and guide

Do you have an excellent mattress, but still getting up badly? maybe you don’t have the best pillow for shoulder pain. Many people are entirely unaware of the damage caused by sleeping on a pillow that is not adequate. Some of the most frequent are : • Chronic shoulder pain • Recurrent migraines • Shoulder rotator cuff injury • Allergies • Obstructive sleep apnea • Snoring If you have experienced any of these ailments regularly, you should begin to rethink if their origin may be in bed with you. You may also want to avoid them. In either case, you need to choose the best pillow for shoulder pain. But be careful, what is right for someone, in particular, does not have to be for someone else. The way we sleep, position, night movements or even our age can influence (and indeed do) how the pillow affects our rest and our health. There is a wide variety of models made of different materials, technologies, dimensions and firmness in the market. How to know which one is yours? So that the doubts stop assaulting you and you can enjoy for a long time a therapeutic and pleasant dream, we put at your disposal this guide.


We believe that quality is essential, although this is not the only parameter to consider. The peculiarities, user reviews and price also count to make a successful purchase decision.


The best pillow for shoulder pain for people with health problems. Material: viscoelastic foam Sanitizing treatment: hypoallergenic and mite resistant Breathability enhancer: heat-dissipating gel This model has been designed by orthopaedic doctors. This explains why its shape is proven therapeutically, so it is especially indicated for headache, neck, shoulder and upper back; the recovery of surgeries, disc problems, and snoring. The high-density memory foam is responsible for distributing head and neck weight evenly. Additionally, it does not wear out or deforms. The thermal sensation is usually one of the most frequent concerns when choosing a pillow. Because of this, the surface of this model contains a gel sheet that dissipates heat and keeps night sweat away. More extras: its cover is removable, washable, hypoallergenic and resistant to mites. Do not forget that health is always the first thing, so this pillow has been made without phthalate, latex, lead or BPA (Bisphenol A) and is CE certified. Also, a guarantee of 100 nights and the gift of an ebook on the treatment of back pain valued at € 19 is included. The latter is only available in English, although its content is very graphic. While it is true that the price is above average, it seems that its many benefits compensate.


A complete pillow designed to satisfy the most demanding. Material: viscoelastic foam Sanitizing treatment: no Breathability enhancer: Uttu Dynamic + bamboo case Not surprisingly, it has excellent user ratings. The secret of its success is simple: excellent materials, a contained price and a five-year warranty. Let’s go by parts. The viscoelastic foam incorporates a technology patented by the brand, the Uttu Dynamic. Apart from the excellent adaptability and resilience properties of conventional viscoelastic, it also recovers in just five seconds and keeps the temperature constant. It does not harden in winter or soften in summer. It is ergonomic, and, also, it is adjustable in height. If you lie on your side or side, place the intermediate layer (10-12 cm). If you prefer down, you just have to remove it (7-9 cm). Concerning its outer sheath, it should be noted that the combined polyester and natural bamboo fibre mesh significantly improve ventilation by absorbing excess moisture. This means that the absence of an inner cover is not a real inconvenience. The durability, performance and content of this pillow are backed by the ISPA (International Sleep Products Association), Certi Pur-EU and Oeko-Tex certificates. Finally, another important detail: you can test it for 96 nights without obligation, and it has a five-year warranty.


Four different and modular heights capable of adapting to any type of sleeping posture. Material: viscoelastic foam Sanitizing treatment: antibacterial and dust resistant Breathability enhancer: heat-dissipating gel The first thing that stands out in its design is that the height can be adjusted by removing or adding an intermediate layer. In this way, four different thicknesses are obtained: 7, 9, 10 and 12 cm. The filling is mainly composed of viscoelastic foam with heat dissipating gel particles. This material is very elastic, which is why it offers a good head and neck support. The foam slowly regains its shape, ensuring an adequate level of adaptability. Its curved and ergonomic design is designed to relieve stiff neck, shoulders and back muscles. In addition, this pillow has a couple of extras that we consider interesting:
  • It has two covers instead of one.
  • Its fabric is washable (it must be done before the first use) and contains 40% bamboo fibre and 60% polyester (250 gr / m2). Bamboo is a natural fibre that absorbs excess moisture, allows air circulation, repels dust, is antiallergic and has no smell. The Oeko-Tex certificate guarantees the healthiness of this fabric.
Also, it has a 24-month warranty.


Premium rest for those who prefer latex: head and neck massage during sleep. Material: 100% natural latex Sanitizing treatment: anti-mites Breathability enhancer: interconnected air cells When talking about rest, high density and medium firmness are a sure success. This pillow for shoulder pain from the UQQ firm is an excellent example of how both qualities can coexist in a product such as latex. Of course, for this, its composition must be completely natural. Natural latex has more elasticity than synthetic (it is softer and has a high rebound capacity) and is manufactured using the complex Talalay process. The dimensions for its version with relief are 60 x 35 cm x 10-12 cm high. Also, the smooth option measures 58 x 40 x 12 and the child , 27.6 x 22.2 x 9.8 cm. Remember that the little ones in the house can also enjoy a model adapted to them. Ecological natural latex is hypoallergenic in itself, without the need for specific treatment. It is also resistant to mites, mold and microbes. Another of its peculiarities is that the natural aroma of fresh latex is very characteristic. In less than 24 hours after unpacking (it is sent under vacuum) it will have almost completely disappeared, and the remaining smell will help you fall asleep. The model with grainy relief may be uncomfortable for those who sleep on their stomachs. In this case, it is more convenient to choose the ugly pattern. Both have a massage function, which represents a plus of well-being. Also included is a convenient carrying bag to take the pillow to any place outside the home.


Innovative design and custom fit for the most demanding energy and support. Material: viscoelastic foam Sanitizing treatment:  no Breathability enhancer: no The first thing that catches the eye of this occipital pillow for shoulder pain (64.5 x 37 x 14 cm) is the special shape it has. Its curious structure is divided as follows:• A central cavity that collects the head and the cradle, offering optimal support. • The wedge-shaped cervical contour is specifically designed for the neck. It helps to maintain the natural curve of the cervicals. • The extension of the wedge serves to better support the position of the dorsal spine. • The armrests on the sides provide great comfort to the limbs during sleep. The memory foam material is able to recover to its original position, but it does so very slowly to favour adaptability. However, having no new system to enhance breathability, if you are boiling, we recommend that you opt for another model that contains, for example, heat sink gel. Of course, it is not a pillow that resembles traditional ones (not even other pillows for shoulder pain), but you may be interested if your priority is support. It is recommended for people who move a lot during the break. The outer cover of rayon and polyester prevents stains and is machine washable. The interior is polyester only and cannot be cleaned in a washing machine. It has RoHS certification, and there is no reason to give it up outside the home: it is easily transported in your gift bag.


You have been going around in bed, and you already have it more than decided: you need to change your pillow. Congratulations, we believe that you are going to make a significant investment that is worth assessing quite carefully. For that we have created this guide, here you have all the information you need to choose well!


Its design is generally ergonomic, in some cases, even orthopaedic or therapeutic. Thus:
  1. Reduces neck and back pain, thanks to the correct support of the spine and cervical vertebrae.
  2. Improvement of circulation due to the elimination of pressure.
  3. It provides a natural position during sleep (unlike conventional pillows).
  4. Relieves back stiffness and relaxes the joints, promoting proper spinal alignment.
  5. It eliminates stress and muscular tensions accumulated during the day.
  6. It effectively prevents snoring.
  7. They are more resistant and, therefore, also end up being more profitable.


The quick answer is almost all. There are some exceptions, such as cases in which, due to medical contraindication, this or any type of pillow should not be used. The children under two and a half years should not use any. If you are fortunately in good health, you will love to try the benefits of the pillow for shoulder pain. Is it not like that? Well then, with more reason, you need one since it is specifically indicated for various conditions and ailments such as trauma or contractures, surgical recovery, chronic pain, and sleep apnea. In any case and when in doubt, before making the purchase, consult your GP or traumatologist. No one better than a health professional to guide you and resolve all doubts you may have.



The viscoelastic is a viscous and elastic material itself is therapeutic. Hygienic, non-deformable, and tremendously adaptable, it adapts fluently to the body structure. Its molecular structure and its heat-sensitive qualities are responsible for the fact that the parts of the body that are in contact with it do not feel any pressure. It is also called memory foam, since it has the virtue of recovering its shape immediately (it can be more or less fast, this quality is known as “rebound” ). Different manufacturers usually choose one of the two ways to refer to this material, but in reality, they talk about the same. Less frequently, pillows for shoulder pain are also made of latex. It is a firm and adaptable material, repels dust, and, as it does not deform, it has good durability. To be really breathable, always select latex with the highest natural percentage. You just have to remember to air it frequently. Viscoelastic or latex pillows for shoulder pain have a shelf life of at least four years if used and taken care of well.


It is a variable that is rather used in the case of toppers and Visco or latex mattresses. The density of neck pillows is always the same, so it is usual for firmness to be medium. You don’t need to stop too much in this regard. By default, all neck pillows have the appropriate density to keep the neck and head in line with the spine.


The waveform is very common, although it is not the only one. It has the advantage of having one side a little higher than the other, so it can be placed in the most convenient position for each user. It is also indicated for all those who suffer from pain or discomfort in the neck. In the market, there are also flat formats, more similar to the shape of the conventional pillow. Some models incorporate a really new design, including extra support for the dorsals or even armrests. Others incorporate reliefs and die cuts that offer a surprising massager effect.


Surely this worries you. You may have heard wonders of memory foam and latex, but also some complaints about the heat they supposedly generate. Some users may experience a temperature rise using these pillows, but they will most likely be using moulded Visco instead of foam, or synthetic latex instead of natural. All models presented in this guide are breathable as they are made with open-cell viscoelastic (foamed) or 100% natural latex. We recommend that you check the composition and always choose one of these two variants. Remember that many models, in turn, have covers with textiles configured with the aim of absorbing moisture and providing good ventilation.


Adaptability, or anatomical reception, refers to the sensation of withdrawal that can be experienced with memory foam or latex. When it is excessive, it can cause an unwanted “entrapment” effect. To prevent this from happening, once again, we suggest that you opt for the foamed natural latex or memory foam. They have good adaptability without sacrificing firmness (or, as you know, breathability).


There is no standard size of shoulder pain pillows, as is the case with conventional pillows. Manufacturers decide the dimensions of their products based on the ergonomic design they are going to work on. However, many of them offer several sizes of the same model so you can choose the one that best suits you. At the moment, there are no double shoulder pain pillows, as they would be very impractical. If you want to buy two, check out the brands that offer double packs, which are usually cheaper than buying them separately.


You have already seen that these types of pillows are available in different materials, densities, designs, and sizes. All this influences the way to place your pillow for shoulder pain correctly. A very simple and helpful trick for those who sleep on their side: when lying on the side, the neck and head should be completely aligned with the entire spine, just as it happens when standing. For those who sleep on their backs, just make sure that the back of the head is well supported on the pillow for shoulder pain. The neck must maintain contact with the curve or the lower part at all times. Beware your shoulders! They will always have to rest on the mattress. Some pillows for shoulder pain in a wavy shape are not advisable to sleep on your stomach. This makes sense because the curvature that normally supports the cervical would press the throat, causing us to flex the neck in the opposite position. Other pillows with a less pronounced curve, or directly with a flat design and low height, can be used on their faces.


You already know the characteristics you should look for when choosing your shoulder pain pillow. But there are other issues that you should value. Pay attention:

The relationship between density, breathability, and adaptability

Always keep this maxim in mind: higher density, greater adaptability, but less breathability. Knowing this, carefully review the properties of each material before leaning towards one or the other model. This will largely determine the degree of reception and the thermal sensation you experience during rest.

Attention to measures

shoulder pain pillows usually have a very particular diversity of measures, which, as we have mentioned in the previous point, do not correspond to the standard measures of traditional pillows (at least in Spain). Therefore, it is essential that before deciding on a specific model, take the tape measure, and go to your bed. Measure the pillow you use now and calculate the dimensions that would be acceptable for your new pillow. With that information, it will be easier for you to decide.

Use it with a good mattress and box spring

A shoulder pain pillow is able to work wonders and make a big difference, but it does not work miracles. It doesn’t make much sense to buy the best one you find if you’re going to use it later on a bad mattress or a terrible box spring. All your rest equipment must be up to par! Only then will you get results.

Two, better than one

Do you sleep with someone? The most normal thing is that you don’t have the same predilections in the matter of pillows. Everyone knows if he moves a lot during the night, the position he adopts or if heat or cold usually happens. That is why it is important that each person in bed sleeps with their own pillow. You will both win as a sleeper and not bother each other.

Take care of her

We totally advise against removing the cover or covers from your pillow. These protect and take care of your interior, which is never machine washable (for memory foam or latex). Your pillow sheet is not enough. The sweat, the natural fat of the skin, the dust, the mites, the excrements of the latter … everything goes beyond the fabric from which the sheets are made. Take note: to avoid dirt penetration, wash the cover at least once a month, and change the sheets every ten days maximum. Always respect the machine-wash temperature and try to use biodegradable detergent. Your skin will thank you!


As animals that we are human beings, the physical and mental state with which we live conditions us. A good rest increases creativity and memory, helps lose weight, protects the heart, reduces depression, and strengthens the immune system. They are more than enough reasons to take another step towards increasing comfort and relaxation during your night hours and, also, why not, every time you want to take a nod. Now you know how to choose the most suitable shoulder pain pillow for shoulder pain for you. Weigh the features, compare brands and models, and review the different advantages of each before making your purchase. Do not lose another minute of sleep; it is part of a healthy life. Sleeping well makes you happy.

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