How to sleep well: techniques for a good rest

Sleep hygiene is essential to 100% performance. We tell you how to get a good night’s sleep and beat insomnia. Why can’t I sleep? How to rest well? How to fight insomnia. Questions and concerns that multiply in all areas, from Internet search engines to talks by friends and medical offices. It is a problem that overwhelms many people in times of stress, and that is key to solve to take care of health. If you are worried about how to sleep well and achieve the night repair that body and mind need, do not miss this note. If we rest badly, the problems begin to multiply in all the planes. Fatigue accumulates in our body and is reflected in our character, which becomes more and more sensitive every day. We get irritated more efficiently, we pay less in our work and lose patience right away. All this generates a high level of stress and wear that deteriorates our quality of life and affects our ties. That is why it is vital to take care of and solve it. Let’s go for it.

Sleep techniques well

To combat insomnia or achieve a deeper sleep, you can implement a series of tips that help you fall asleep. It is vital that you have patience because sleep techniques do not yield results from one day to the next. It takes time, and it is necessary to commit to achieving that long-awaited good rest. Some tips:
  • Each night, prepare the room to be fresh and dark. The idea is that it summons you to cover yourself and remain still to achieve a pleasant temperature, which induces sleep.
  • Always go to bed at the same time.
  • In the same way, every morning, try to wake up at the same time, if possible early to get tired at night. Follow the biorhythm of the body and get up at the stipulated time even if you are still sleepy. Gradually your body will remember that schedule and will get used to it
  • From the afternoon to the evening, try to avoid the caffeine contained inmate, tea, sugary sodas, alcohol, and, of course, coffee.
  • If you smoke, do everything to quit. If it costs you, start by not burning after 19 hours.
  • Exercise regularly, but never after 20 hours.
  • Light dinner to promote proper digestion.
  • If you usually take a nap, do not do it after 5 pm and only sleep for a maximum period of 45 minutes.
  • Before going to bed, take a shower with hot water, which relaxes your muscles and relieves tension.
  • If possible, remove the screens on the bed and read a good book. Do not take the technology (cell phone, tablet, notebook, headphones) to your bedroom, as the lights and noise stimulate the brain and do not help you fall asleep.

Other recommendations to sleep

If despite these tips you can not fall asleep, after the first 20 minutes I left the bed and added any of these options:
  • Prepare a hot tea of relaxing herbs (chamomile, lemon balm, valerian, linden, etc.).
  • Listen to relaxing music.
  • Paint mandalas 10 minutes.
  • According to your beliefs, you can pray or recite mantras.
If you try these tricks for a week and they don’t work for you, we recommend you consult a doctor, and he will evaluate some therapy or medication to help you sleep well.

Causes that cause insomnia

There are several conditions that can alter your rest, transforming it into a sleep disorder. In these cases, you need to consult your doctor. We detail some examples:
  • Chronic insomnia
  • Sleep apnea.
  • Obesity.
  • Circulatory problems
  • Contractures of the neck.
  • Concerns.
  • Depression.

The best sleeping positions

To rest better, it is good to know which are the best sleeping positions and which should be avoided.
  • Sleep on the left side: this posture is the best of all. It promotes circulation and relaxes the stomach valve, which regulates acidity.
  • Sleeping in the fetal position: it is good, but taking care not to bend your back too much.
  • Sleep on the right side:  this posture is terrible, since some organs, such as the stomach, do not work correctly. It can cause heartburn.
  • Sleep on your stomach: it is the worst position to sleep. In addition to being an unnatural posture for the spine, many organs of the body are pressed, and their proper functioning is complicated.

How to choose the best mattress

Rest also depends on the possibility of having the right bed. If you are about to renew it, consider how to choose the  best beds:
  • Size: a suitable bed must have a height of at least 18 cm and exceed the length of your height. As for the width, it is at your discretion since it will be for your own comfort.
  • Density: if it is a right mattress, it must be firm to support the most substantial parts of the body.
  • Springs: they must be of good quality so that they support and contain the bodyweight well and are always at the right height. We recommend those with many springs to fulfill their function well.
  • Filling:  the density of the foam is essential to ensure that the mattress does not sink. Anyway, the ideal is that it is not so rigid as to make the back hurt.
Mattress and box spring brands such as Canon, La Cardeuse, Piero, and Springwall, among others, are the best positioned in the market due to product guarantees and user opinions.

How to choose neck pillows

In addition to the mattress, another element to take care of sleep hygiene is the pillow. It is convenient to buy those that stimulate an adequate position of all the spine. A good option is to buy pillows to care for the neck. They are obtained in places like mattresses, orthopedic houses, plan queries, and online stores. They are valuable because they present a series of characteristics that help to find the best sleeping position:
  • They are of a viscoelastic material.
  • They adapt perfectly to the shape of your neck and neck.
  • They ensure the correct posture of the head.
  • They favor a better posture of the spine.

The curtains, allies of good sleep

To achieve a good rest, it is necessary that the room is absolutely dark. To accomplish that total blockage of exterior light, the market offers a wide variety of curtains. You can opt for double cloth or roller, but the important thing is that they achieve 100% darkness in the environment.

Other resources to relax and sleep

There are other resources that you can incorporate to lower a change and get to the bed more relaxed. One of them is aromatherapy. It is effortless and economical and can be very useful. Just buy some essential oils with anti-stress properties. Science has shown that there is a straightforward relationship between aromas and mood. The most appropriate medicinal plants for serenity are lavender, linden, geranium, mint, rosemary, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla.

Therapeutic pads

Seed pods are a novelty and set trends in alternative therapies. They serve both to relax and to treat neck and muscular pains, and, according to the condition you want to manage, you can heat them in the microwave or cool them in the freezer.

Music therapy

Music therapy can be another excellent ally of restful sleep. You can opt for guided meditations, which you will easily find on the Internet, or sleeping music. With a Bluetooth speaker, you can leave the cell phone away and enjoy it without the phone next to your pillow. Do not forget that a good rest guarantees a better day and provides a better quality of life, taking care of your health from the inside.

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