What are Chromebook and Kids’ Chromebook

Some important factors that you should pay attention to when buying Chromebook Chromebook is known as mini laptop, but it is not running with Windows program or Mac OS. It is designed with Google’s Chrome OS. Below is some information that may help you with the right decisions. In general, Chromebook is used for Wifi Connection and running on cloud store. Therefore, what makes Chromebook different from other types. Below are some factors that you can check before making your final choice. If you decide to buy chromebook for kids, you should check all technical stats before purchasing. Advantages and Disadvantages of Chromebook? Because Chromebook is designed to run with Google programs, this model is optimized for many apps such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. Overall, this will bring with advantages and disadvantages. If you constantly use services of Google, you can get many benefits. However, if you use other services such as Microsoft Outlook, AIM or Yahoo Mail, you will take some time to adjust and setup. The disadvantage of Chromebook is not designed with integration of available software from Microsoft Office. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot work with your files on Chromebook. In addition, you can use Microsoft Web Apps – Free Cloud of Office. From there, you can send your document and other PowerPoint files to Drive. At this point, you can adjust your files easily and freely. Google Drive allows you to save and store your files as Microsoft format. Therefore, you can still share these files with those people who don’t use Chromebook. Playing games on Chromebook You can play games on Chromebook freely and easily, but you will be limited with some available games at online Chrome Store. In general, Chromebook is limited with Graphics Design. Therefore, if you are about to buy Chromebook to have good experience, you may think it over. Screen Nowadays, some Chromebook has 11.6-inch screen such as Acer C720 and Samsung Chromebook 2. These models are portable and great for kids. However, with some people, these sizes may not good for them to use. For those people who access websites, watch movies, and play games on Chromebook, they should think about the Acer Chromebook 13 or Toshiba Chromebook 2 because it has 13.3 inches. At the moment, Chromebook has biggest size is the HP Chromebook 14 which has a good combination of software and 14-inch screen. There is not chromebook with 15-inch or 17-inch screen. Technical Stats Because Chromebook is designed for purpose of online usage, technical information is not important for its Windows features. However, those technical stats can be good for you to have a look at. RAM and hardware can impact on the smoothly running program of Chromebook. Especially, when you open many tabs or are watching videos or playing video games. From there, CPU Intel Celeron is the best choice. However, if you want to have better speed, you can look for CPI Intel Core i3. This model offers durable, long-lasting battery, and high-speed performance. Besides, Nvidia Tegra K1 has new model named Acer Chromebook 13 that offers good performance. When mentioned about the RAM, chromebook with 2GB as storage is considered as standard quality. However, some models have 4GB RAM that can boost better performance. Storage Space In general, Chromebook has 16GB as storage. Besides, Google will provide extra free 100 GB in 2 years as storage in Google Drive when you buy Chromebook. Durability of Battery Based on the testing experience from Laptop Mag over 13 Chromebooks, we can say that these chromebooks have average time from 8 hours and 13 minutes when surfing website constantly with Wi-Fi. Price In general, Chromebook has affordable price. You can spend like $199 to own Ace C720P with 11-inch HD screen and 2GB RAM while Samsung Chromebook 2 has $329 with 13-inch full HD screen with 4GB RAM. In the past, laptop had a variety of fluctuation in market due to level of competition. Many manufacturers launch many types of laptops that have incredible stats. However, you should buy Chromebook as the best choice if you only go for web surfing, and use other Google services. If you are looking for more stuff about mom and kids, view more here.

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